Bloodshot (BEST SELLER) – 139 Shots By Vivid Pyrotechnics |

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Bloodshot is a compound firework with 139 shots from 30mm tubes. Great combination of coloured glittering stars, huge golden brocade bursts with coloured strobes. Quick Z firing bursts of  blue stars with big golden brocades then a fan of red stars to a massive burst of red strobes followed with a V shaped firing of big golden brocade tipped with small crackling dragon eggs followed by a fan burst to ‘V ‘firing with crackles to ‘W’ brocades and red strobes and again with ‘V’ firing gold and silver spiders topped with crackles all with loud bursts.

This is a fanned firework so ensure you have enough space on either side of the firework. This is to avoid hitting any tall trees or high obstacles when firing.

Rating 9/10 ‘a great compound firework’

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