New Dawn – 189 Shots by Vivid Pyrotechnics |

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New Dawn is a Compound Firework with 189 shots. Starts with a fan of golden comets with blue mine lifts and followed by some beautiful golden horse tails with strobes and crackles. It continues with a serious of fanned, ‘V’ and ‘W’ firing¬† bright coloured bursts with crackles, comet tails, golden willows and strobes continuously filling the sky and ending with a loud glittering gold willow and chrysanthemum mines with red and blue strobes to coloured crackle finale. WOW!

#Asylumrange #Maximumimpact

This is a fanned firework so ensure you have enough space on either side of the firework. This is to avoid hitting any tall trees or high obstacles when firing.

Rating 10/10 ‘A must have Firework’

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